Janet Pound

Janet has been certified as a Fitness Instructor for nearly 15 years. She loves instructing cardio and strength training classes using all sorts of bands, balls, weights and sliders to assist participants in achieving their fitness goals. Janet appreciates the participation of each and everyone and thanks them for their energy, enthusiasm and good cheer they bring to class.


Cathy Jewison

Cathy is certified as a group fitness leader through the AFLCA, with specialties in choreography, portable equipment and mind/body. With a background in belly dance, her particular interests are dance exercise and mind/body approaches. Recently certified as an instructor in the YogaFit system, she is working toward her RYT 200 designation. Cathy has taught a range of classes, including Bellyfit, BOSU, Fusion and Yoga Flow.

Maria Reid

Maria is a certified fitness instructor through Canfit Pro.  She has always led an active lifestyle; ballet, sports and running were her passion. Maria brings her love for fitness, her high energy, and her enthusiasm for inspiring others to get fit and healthy, to all her classes.  She enjoys teaching a variety of HIIT and Tabata classes, and is always mixing it up with different equipment, making you work hard and get a total body workout. Her philosophy; healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spirit!


Shawna Pound

Shawna brings a wealth of knowledge and Education to her conditioning classes.   While she has only been instructing for a short time she has been educated in the field much longer. She holds a Degree in Kinesiology and a Masters in Physio Therapy. Shawna kick started our Mom’s on the run program last spring and began instructing muscle conditioning classes in the fall. We are very excited to have her join our team. Check out the schedule for opportunities to take her classes.


Pooja Chugh

Fitness Instructor

Pooja is a certified fitness spin instructor and teaches a variety of classes. She is also a qualified nutritional therapist, a graduate of a BSc in Life Science, and has research experience in exercise and nutrition. Competing in multiple sports at an international level, Pooja has a great passion for fitness, health, and wellness and enjoys motivating participants to achieve their goals. Pooja likes to be innovative to keep workouts fresh, fun, and challenging. Join her to get energized and enjoy a good sweat sesh!

Nutrition Counselling

Pooja is a qualified nutritional therapist by the Health Science Academy of the United Kingdom. She is a University of Toronto graduate with a B.Sc. Honours in Life Science and has research experience in exercise and nutrition. Pooja’s expertise involves using nature’s pharmacy (food) to help her clients achieve their health and fitness goals including weight management, sports nutrition, disease prevention, and symptom management. She enjoys studying the latest research and findings in field of nutrition and is very enthusiastic about educating clients and helping them create a personalized nutrition plan to achieve optimal health and wellness. 




Dani Dixson

Dani is a certified CanFitPro group fitness instructor who has a passion for working out, eating healthy, and positive mental health. She enjoys cardio, flexibility and weight training- so if you see her in the gym feel free to ask any questions or share a workout technique! Dani enjoys teaching a mix of fitness classes and using different types of equipment to get a good full body workout accomplished. Come and join her for a fun workout in which you will learn new moves, sweat & sculpt your body, and leave the workout with both physical and mental satisfaction. Remember there are seven days in a week and someday isn't one of them!"


Ali McConnell

has been involved in athletics and fitness her entire life, doing everything from swimming to kickboxing. She started working out at Break Away in 2016 and fell in love with group fitness classes. Always in the front of the class with a huge smile on her face, it seemed natural for her to pursue a fitness instructor certification through Canfit Pro. Ali enjoys teaching HIIT and Tabata classes, and looks forward to expanding into a variety of fun, new classes!    


Beth Hudson

Beth is a Certified Personal Trainer with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, and has a diverse background in the field of sport and recreation. Her passion for physical activity began at a young age when she first started playing sports, and has led her to various positions as an athlete, coach, varsity therapist, group fitness instructor, and personal trainer. She has a Bachelors of Science degree in Kinesiology from the University of Alberta, where she first started personal training and working in high performance and injury prevention as an athletic trainer. Her passion for working with others allowed her to spend time working with athletes, groups, and individuals from a variety of different sports and fitness backgrounds.

Beth is happy to provide 24/7 support via social media and e-mail to personal training clients who need daily reminders, motivation, or that extra kick in the butt to head to the gym or get outside and get some active minutes in!


Amanda Grobbecker

Amanda is a certified personal training specialist through Canfit Pro. She has always been an active individual, which hasn't changed one bit with her 1.5 year old daughter always wanting to be exploring the outdoors! Amanda has been teaching a variety of fitness classes since 2012. She has lead things from Bounce Fitness (bouncy boots!!) to running clinics, TRX, HIIT, Tabata, DANCEPL3Y and more. She is very energetic with a silly personality that will make you sweat, and laugh during class! 


Meta Antolin

Meta Antolin has been training Capoeira since 1989. She started her training with the group Berimbau de Ouro - Minas Gerais in Amsterdam and moved to Brazil for two years to continue her training.

In teaching Capoeira to new students, Meta introduces both styles, aware that each student must find their own path in Capoeira. "Capoeira is continual motion to the sound of the Berimbau and the chant-like rhythmic songs that drive the game as we play."

Personal Training

Personal Training is available to help members achieve the results they’ve always wanted. Our friendly Trainers want to see you improve the quality of your life – They’re here to support you through your physical transformation knowing that benefits extend beyond the physical rewards.

You’ll look and feel better than ever with increased energy, improved sleep and reduced stress. Whatever goals you have in mind, a trainer will help you make it happen.

One-on-one as well as group functional training is available. 

Contact our front desk for more information.




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